Apple Ridge Counseling Associates' Specialties and Experience

Andrea Has Many Years of Experience Helping Clients

Andrea Petrucci-Kackley of Apple Ridge Counseling Associates is a licensed professional counselor. She offers over 30 years of experience and knowledge to help clients deal with their mental and emotional health and get through the hard times in life. Andrea assists adults, children, couples and families in finding solutions that make a difference. If you or someone you love are experiencing a mental health condition or an emotionally difficult situation let Andrea help. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the counseling services available at Apple Ridge call (304) 754-8495.

Andrea Specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One of Andrea’s specialties is cognitive behavioral therapy, a counseling method that is used to help clients deal with trauma. With this therapy Andrea incorporates knowledge, skills and processes that build on one another in an integrated way that best suits the need of her client and their family. The therapy is respectful of the individual, family, community, culture and religious practices in order to understand the impact of traumatic experience. Andrea uses this to optimally support the child and family’s healing in the context of their family, culture and community. Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy is adaptable and motivating as to maintain fidelity to the model. It is family focused in that every effort is made to include supportive family members as appropriate. Through the therapy strong therapeutic relationships are built upon trust and positive change. Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy is self-efficacy focused, in that it is a short-terms, strengths based model designed to have long-term benefits.


– Specializes in Children
– Life changing events
– Trauma
– Divorced Families
– Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
– Trauma Focused Therapy


> B.S. Sociology & Psychology – Shepherd University
> M.A. Counseling Psychology – West Virginia University

> LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor
> NCC – National Certified Counselor

> ACA – American Counseling Association
> West Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors Association
> NBCC – National Board for Certified Counselors

> MDIT – Multi Disciplinary Team (Berkeley County, WV)